Thursday, April 03, 2008

ScatterPod: Updates and Such

Hello ScatterPod Listeners, this is Michael Bekemeyer...

Just some updates and a couple of announcements and promos. Talk for a few minutes about what I'm working on and what's coming next.

Other Podcasts mentioned in this update.

J.C. Hutchins and "7th Son: Obsidian"

Seth Harwood and "Jack Wakes Up"

Chris Lester and "The Metamor City Podcast"

Listen to this update, here.

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ScatterPod Viral: J.C. Hutchins and 7th Son are back!

Hello ScatterPod listeners, this is Michael Bekemeyer, with a special delivery.

Every one knows how I feel about J.C. Hutchins and his Podcast Novel Trilogy 7th Son. A couple of months back J.C. Put out a call for any one and every one to make short films hinting towards what his next fiction project would be.

Being the filmmaker and fan that I am, I had to make one. It's getting a bunch of buzz and I'm asking that you do what you can to help spread the word about J.c Hutchins and 7th Son.

For more information about 7th Son: Obsidian, visit J.C.'s website. Click here.

To see the first in a series of videos from with in the world of 7th Son: Obsidian, click here.

Stay tuned and don't panic. Your government is in control.

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