Sunday, August 10, 2008

ScatterPod: Dark #6 - "Writer's Revenge"

Hello, ScatterPod Listeners this is Michael Bekemeyer bringing you this edition of ScatterPod: Dark #6. A short, short story called "Writer's Revenge." I hope you like it.

Download the ScatterPod: Dark #5 here.

Be sure to stay tuned after the story, to listen to some promos for excellent new podcasts that I have personally been listening to.

Seth Harwood's new kick in the ass, crime fiction podcast CrimeWav can be found at and in iTunes.

And also check out

Keith Latch's wonderful new podcast novel Omega: Earth's Hero can be found at and in iTunes.

Music in this episode found on the Podsafe Music Network

Angel Vivaldi


God Forbid

Until next time, Have fun, be well and stay out of the dark.

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Blogger The Ink Gypsy said...

You've got me grinning in the dark (it's 2:30am and my nightowl tendencies continue...). This story was funny! And cathartic (sorry 'Paul' - but somedays someone has to explode and I'd rather it not be me). I'll definitely be visiting and listening again. Don't forget to post links on Twitter when you update so we can jump straight on it. Ha. Still grinning...

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Krantz, didn't know you had a site up. Was poking around FCOV and saw you had something. Right on. You been around FCOV lately?

10:38 PM  
Anonymous The KRANTZ said...

Mr. The Bee. No I have not been around FCOV lately. Things got pretty quiet around there and once I realized the FC himself wasn't around, I kind of lost interest. But yes, I'm here and have been here for a long while and have been using this place to release some of my fiction and such. Definitely cool to hear from you. If you check things out, let me know what you think.


4:35 PM  
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